Mussel Monitoring Volunteer Opportunity

Freshwater mussels are fascinating aquatic creatures that can tell us detailed information about the long-term health of waterways and aquatic ecosystems. Despite their importance, very little work has been done to monitor freshwater mussel populations in Wisconsin. 

Of the 51 mussel species the occur in this state, 28 mussels are listed as threatened, endangered, special concern or species of greatest conservation need, and species with informational needs.

To help us learn more about these amazing river dwellers, Milwaukee Riverkeeper is launching a volunteer mussel monitoring program. The goal of Milwaukee Riverkeeper’s mussel monitoring program is to identify mussel demographics within the Milwaukee River Basin.  

The first volunteer training is taking place this upcoming Saturday July 8th, at Covered Bridge Park in Cedarburg from 9am - 12pm. At this training, two WDNR Mussel Biologists will train volunteers on mussel survey techniques.  Following this training, volunteers will have the opportunity to perform mussel surveys at river sites throughout the Milwaukee River Basin. Mussels surveys typically take one hour to complete. 

Visit Milwaukee Riverkeeper's website or email Zac Driscoll ( to learn more about or to sign up for this important volunteer opportunity.