Our Mission

Sweet Water is committed to restoring the Greater Milwaukee watersheds to conditions that are healthy for swimming and fishing. We bring diverse partners together and provide the leadership and innovation necessary to protect and restore our shared water resources.

OUR vision

Dramatic and visible improvements in the Greater Milwaukee watersheds inspire widespread protection and celebration, connecting the region’s prosperity to the health of our shared water resources. 


  • Restoring our watersheds by facilitating collaborative projects that reduce the discharge of pollutants and that restore aquatic and shoreland habitat

  • Building collaborations with diverse stakeholders from business, agriculture, municipalities, state and regional agencies, and community based organizations

  • Basing decisions on sound science

  • Providing leadership to address those water resource challenges that otherwise will not be solved, particularly rural and urban runoff

  • Taking a watershed approach that bridges jurisdictional and social boundaries and recognizes that how we manage the land affects our water resources

  • Finding and supporting the implementation of the most cost-effective solutions that lead to significant improvements in the watersheds

  • Pursuing new funding opportunities to increase the investment in restoration of the Greater Milwaukee watersheds