Water Quality Improvement Plan Update

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In the coming months, Sweet Water will be working to create a Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) for the Greater Milwaukee Watersheds (GMW). This work has been commissioned by MMSD.

The ultimate goal of the WQIP is to define pathways to significantly improve water quality leading to the delisting of the GMW’s impaired waterbodies. The WQIP will incorporate the analyses and recommendations from existing watershed restoration plans for sub-watersheds within the region. The WQIP will also propose a system for monitoring water quality with an eye to identifying the most impactful and cost-effective watershed restoration actions. The water quality monitoring plan is being developed by the Midwest Biological Institute (MBI), which has developed similar plans utilized in other regions including Northern Illinois and the greater Cleveland area. In addition to developing methodologies for prioritizing restoration actions, the WQIP aims to assist municipalities and other regulated entities to meet water quality guidelines by recommending a framework for regional stakeholder cooperation and collaboration.

Sweet Water aims to develop a WQIP that is not only ambitious and efficient but also transparent and accountable, and to exemplify these values in our process of developing the plan. To this end, we will be seeking community and stakeholder input throughout the process. The planning process will be ongoing through 2019. If you’re interested in learning more, contact Janet Pritchard.