Sweet Water Receives Wisconsin Coastal Management Grant for Green Infrastructure Center of Excellence

Sweet Water is proud to announce that we have been awarded a Wisconsin Coastal Management grant for our work on the Green Infrastructure Center of Excellence. On Tuesday, July 11th, the Governor’s office announced a total of $2.4 million in grants awarded to 34 entities, all with the common goal of protecting and improving Wisconsin’s Great Lakes resources. 

Sweet Water is working with MMSD to establish a center that will promote and facilitate the implementation and maintenance of green infrastructure in Southeastern Wisconsin. Green infrastructure can include rain gardens, bioswales, porous pavement, and much more. Such improvements to infrastructure can reduce flooding, basement backups, and sewer overflows. 

Sweet Water, Clean Wisconsin, and MMSD will work together to provide valuable information to commercial and residential landowners on how to mitigate stormwater overflows and flooding. Workshops will be held to educate residents on how to install rain gardens and harvest rainfall. Business owners will also have the opportunity to attend workshops aimed at educating them on how to manage stormwater on their properties and parking lots. 

For more information, visit MMSD’s website: https://www.mmsd.com/what-we-do/green-infrastructure