Sweet Water operates two open committees with membership driven by interest and expertise. Committee meetings are held on a regular basis and led by the committee coordinators, who are responsible for delegating work and aligning committee interests with that of Sweet Water as a whole. Committee work serves the organization by:

  • ensuring a wide range of interests are considered in all discussion/decisions

  • focusing on specific science and policy issues relevant to watershed objectives

  • identifying problems and proposing recommendations

  • reporting developing issues and their impact

Policy Committee

The Policy Committee assists Sweet Water by researching public policy and legal issues pertaining to organization initiatives. 

Science Committee 

The Science Committee is coordinated by Chris Magruder, former engineer with MMSD. The input of the committee ensures that the work Sweet Water undertakes and prioritizes reflects current science. 

If you are interested in joining either the Science or Policy Committee, fill out this form and we will get back to you.