Public Involvement Report:

MMSD’s 2050 Facilities Plan


Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) is undertaking a comprehensive facilities plan to meet the District’s water management needs through 2050.

2050 Facilities Plan study objectives focus on optimizing the capacities of MMSD asset systems to achieve the highest overall performance in meeting desired levels of service, at the least cost, while maintaining an acceptable level of risk. The 2050 Facilities Plan study is focusing on the MMSD’s conveyance system, water reclamation facilities, watercourses it naturalizes, green infrastructure it funds and their other owned facilities.

As part of this study, MMSD has contracted with Beth Foy & Associates and Southeastern Wisconsin Watersheds Trust, Inc. to obtain public feedback on the District’s level of service and planning priorities.

A public survey was identified as a useful strategy to obtain feedback and an assessment of District level of service from residents. The survey has been designed to replicate, as closely as possible, a public opinion survey for the 2020 Facilities Plan completed in 2003. This design provides an opportunity to compare how public opinion of water quality-related issues has changed over the past 15 years.

Please review the document above to see the results of this public survey. You can also download the results in PDF format linked below.

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