2020 MINI-GRANT Request for Proposals (RFP)

Applications for Sweet Water's 2020 Water Quality Mini-Grant Program are available. All documents needed for applying can be found below in order to prepare a mini-grant request prior to uploading the documents to the Application Form.

Application Deadline is November 1, 2019 (11:59pm)



Steps Prior To Accessing the Online Application Form

  1. Project Description: Answer each of the questions from the RFP in your Project Description document. Prepare three pages or less (not including required budget page) that you will save and upload to a Dropbox folder when you submit your online Application Form.

  2. Budget Template: Save the required Budget Template to your computer. When completed, upload it to the specified Dropbox folder.

  3. Project Summary: Prepare a 100-word, clear and comprehensible summary of your project including project outcomes which you can cut and paste into the Application Form.

Upon completion of the three steps above, click on the button below to begin applying online. Please contact Kristin Schoenecker with any questions at kristin@swwtwater.org or call (414) 382-1766.

Need help with making your idea into a fundable mini-grant project? Visit the Fresh Coast Guardians Resource Center, a free resource that provides professional guidance with green infrastructure projects.