Sweet Water Mini-Grant Program FAQ’s

Grant Check Distribution

Mini-grant award checks will be distributed in two separate check payments, each being one-half the amount of the total grant award.  The first check will be created and sent after an initial meeting of all mini-grant winners at the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences that usually takes place in February.  The delivery of the second check will be discussed between the awardee and the mini-grant program manager during a scheduled phone call, and will be based on an agreed upon completed milestone that should be the approximate half-way completion mark of the project.   

What is Green Infrastructure?

Green infrastructure is an alternative, cost-effective approach to reduce pollution coming from stormwater runoff.  Rather than resort to costly construction of new pipes, detention basins and building larger treatment facilities, green infrastructure uses ecological processes to capture, detain, infiltrate, and filter stormwater on, or near to, where it falls.

What are the types of Green Infrastructure?

There are both structural and non-structural approaches in using green infrastructure that include green roofs, rain gardens, vegetated bioswales, buffer strips, pocket wetlands, wetland restoration, constructed wetlands, protection and enhancement of riparian corridors and flood plains, as well as the use of porous concrete and blacktop and permeable pavers.  Also included in this array of practices are those that collect rain water for re-use such as rain barrels, cisterns, and other harvesting systems.

How can green infrastructure be implemented?

Green infrastructure can be implemented at various scales from individual sites, to neighborhood projects, to community-wide initiatives.  Green infrastructure practices are adaptive by nature and designed specifically to address the issues associated to the particular site where implemented.


Judges are invited by Sweet Water and are drawn from different fields of the water industry and academia.


Awardees will be requested to erect signage provided by Sweet Water recognizing the project organization, Sweet Water and its Mini-Grant Program sponsors at the project site.  We request that the sign be erected in a visible place.