2017 clean rivers, clean lake conference presentations

Session 1: Creative Funding for Dual-Purpose Projects

  • Designing for Resilience at the Historic North Point Lighthouse
  • Creative Partnerships and Funding for Restoration: The Oak Creek Meadows Example

Session 2: Habitat Issues and Solutions

  • Determining Habitat Restoration Actions for the Milwaukee Estuary Area of Concern
  • Effects of Various Stressors on Aquatic Organisms: Hypoxia to Contaminants

Session 3: Reducing Chlorides in our Waterways

  • Winter Maintenance Assessment Tool: An Innovative Approach to Reducing Chlorides
  • Reducing Chloride Discharges to Waterways: Engineering, Legal and Policy Perspectives
  • Road Salt in the Milwaukee River Watershed

Session 4: Community Collaboration Around Brownfields

  • Collaboration Between Neighborhood Group and Redevelopment Authority to Redevelop Brownfields
  • The Greening of the 30th Street Brownfield

Session 5: Adaptive Management Examples

  • Implementing an Adaptive Planning Strategy for Watersheds
  • Partnership and Collaboration Yield Success in NEW Water's Watershed Adaptive Management
  • The Oconomowoc Watershed Protection Program: A Bold Step Toward Meeting New Phosphorous Limits

Session 6: Regulation and Policy: Getting Green Infrastructure Right

  • Adopting River- and Lake-Friendly Regulations: Three Communities' Perspectives
  • Green Infrastructure Specifications and Standard Templates
  • MMSD Green Infrastructure Center of Excellence